Chia Blockchain 1.3.1 released – lots of fixes to 1.3

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! A day of green to go with a new version of Chia. Thanks to the Chia Network team and their hard work we have a release with a number of fixes ready for the main Chia blockchain application.
There have been a lot of complaints about annoying bugs in Chia 1.3. A number of pools have been on overtime troubleshooting issues in their discord and are probably happy to see this release. Lets hope that the general stability has improved for farmers along with the fixes listed here.


  • Improved config.yaml update concurrency to prevent some cases of the wrong pool being used for a PlotNFT.
  • Fixed chia keys show displaying non-observer-derived wallet address.
  • Fixed plotnft claim returning an error.
  • Fixed invalid DB commit that prevented rollback of coin store changes.
  • Fixed locking issue with PlotManager.plots that caused high lookup times on plots.
  • Fixed exception when chia keys migrate is run without needing migration.
  • Fixed farmer rewards dialog (GUI).
  • Fixed display of pool payout address (GUI).
  • Fixed display of harvesters status when harvesters are restarted (GUI).
  • Fixed wallet RPC get_offers_count returning an error when there are no trades (Thanks, @dkackman!)
  • Fixed spelling of “genrated” (Thanks again, @dkackman!)
  • Fixed typo “log_maxbytessrotation” in initial-config (@skweee made their first contribution!)
As you can see, a lot of the fixes are geared towards the plotnft usage and for payout addresses. I suspect that after a little bit of testing we are going to see many pools heavily encourage their users to update right away to prevent some of the issues people have been seeing on upgrade. And anyone that waited for the patch before upgrading to the new major release is likely good to go.
One of the interesting things we are seeing in the release notes recently is a lot more direct contributions from the community outside of Chia Network proper to the chia-blockchain codebase. This is very good, because as we are going to explore in an in-progress article the real decentralization of Chia as a network relies on not concentrating all the development inside a single entity – Chia Network Inc.

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