Hashgreen gets a Chia Cultivation Grant

The developers at Hashgreen, the Chia development studio behind Mojodice and the Hashgreen DeX have announced that they have received a Chia Cultivation Grant for their work on the Hashgreen DeX (I presume). This is exciting news for the community.
In a post on their website, one of the project co-founders, made this statement “The Hashgreen team is proud to have received the Chia Cultivation Grant, after being carefully vetted by the Chia team. We ultimately aim to build an inclusive DeFi community
Also, if you go to the following commits in the chia-blockchain repository, you will see that Hashgreen is getting integrated in some fashion into the Chia GUI. This is big news for them, and might offer them an advantage over Tsunami DeX also being built. That’s too bad, because Tsunami is being built by the same developer as Goby wallet and we definitely need that in our ecosystem pronto. Or something like it.

This makes me believe that the Chia announcement tomorrow at 11am PST will involve offer files, and Hashgreen getting added into the GUI. If its so, thank you to Freddie from ChiaExplorer and TailDatabase for sleuthing it out. Join me tomorrow after the stream on Digital Spaceport’s YouTube channel to dissect the announcement.

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