Chia Twitter Sunday happy hour, week 2 recap

Chia’s Twitter community came out in droves last night for the weekly Chia Twitter Sunday happy hour ran by @dylanmrose and @KyleLogiks. Once again Chia royalty was in attendance with Bram and Gene going back and forth in an AMA-like manner answering the communities questions and having a nice little weekly round up chat. Other notable speakers included’s own Chris Dupres, JM from Chia Network, Preston Byrne the creator of Marmotcoin and Randal Schwartz who gave us an insider’s look inside the metaverse.

Starting off as usual introductions were given. The first topic of the night was the BTC vs XCH maxi Twitter beef. This has been a thing going on for a while and chances are it will never end. Now I have touched on this before, and in the past Chia has done its fair share of throwing punches. This time however I can appreciate the stance taken by Chia. Without getting into too much detail (it’s really trivial) the overall sentiment coming from the XCH community this time was genuine conversation that was maybe taken a bit out of context. Maxis are going to Maxi however; all is fair in crypto and twitter (allegedly). One thing we can not let go though is BTC maxis calling our meme game weak. Hopefully Reddit meme weekends can provide The twitter community with ammo, it’s war out there in the twitter crypto sphere.

Next up we had Preston Byrne come in and genuinely thank the community for getting behind the Marmotcoin craze and for supporting the Marmot Recovery Foundation. The community ended up raising a total over 6000$ for the marmot recovery foundation. Awesome Job to the Chia community on supporting such a great cause. During Preston’s little speech we also got a hint to a future upcoming project in the works that may be marmot related? Announcement of the announcement will be upcoming, I would suspect. Finally he left us with a funny anecdote of the marmots also kindly helping their friends the pandas due to some members of the community being unable to directly donate to the fund. Once again kudos to the chia community for coming together you for sure made a difference, and it was noticed by the foundation.

Mr. Randal Schwartz gave an interesting story about how he is a DJ in Second Life, and explained how he manages to pay for his meta verse “Location’. I believe that Second Life is a VR metaverse based “life sim” game? What it sounded like was having another second life online. Long story short he uses time spent DJing in the metaverse to pay for his metaverse experience. This was an interesting perspective at how a new web3 world could look like in the future. This is for sure an Interesting Topic and as NFTs and other utility infrastructure are released on the chia blockchain; this will become a more central topic. NFT and metaverse style web3 is very popular and could be for the foreseeable future.

Finally The night ended with an AMA style Open Mic where anyone could ask questions and Bram And Gene Went through some basic blockchain questions. Nothing you would not already know if you are paying attention; maybe one notable sidebar Being Gene’s explanation of why POS is essentially bad. Pretty Basic Chia meetup stuff for the most part other than JM possibly slipping a little information on The NFT standard. I will save JM a little face; I’m Not going to give it away if you were there you obviously heard it. will be going over NFTs in detail over the next coming months so I will leave it there for now. Announcements of announcements are fun!

It was all in all another great community run event by Dylan and Kyle with over 100 people attending this twitter space. Twitter Chia Sunday Happy hour is quickly turning into a premier event in the Chia community. Once in a while even a little inside information is slipped; so come join in on the fun Sunday nights on twitter; it’s the only way to take it all in first hand. Follow @dylanmrose and @KyleLogiks for more information on scheduling, and guests. Super excited for the next one, hopefully See you there! 
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