A rebuttal to my Chia light wallet rant

Dan Perry and Roy Natian of Chia Network have just published a blog post on the official Chia blog explaining some of the issues I identified in my rant about the Chia light wallet, and detailing out their roadmap to fix others.
It is worth the read if that rant resonated with you. I still don’t think its particularly functional software for a variety of reasons, but that’s like, my opinion man. Lots of other people have had other experiences, as evidenced by some of the pushback I received about the wallet. That’s fair, but I do still think that splitting functionality between their official clients – if even for a temporary period of time – will cause a ton of confusion amongst people who do not know what “observer keys” are.
Most important in the blog post is that version 1.3 of the Chia Blockchain software is on the horizon. This might even be tied into the feature announcement we are getting on Wednesday. Chia Network is saying that for version 1.3 we are going to see the wallets merged, which means that CAT support is coming to the main node wallet, and that the balance differences should stop being a problem.
Check out the blog post here, and if you have won blocks in the Chia Holiday Token 2021 eligibility period, those rewards are apparently being sent out as I write this.
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