news is one man’s decentralized journey to riches

Chia Explorer developer Freddie has started a really incredible journey, and website called, reminiscent of the craigslist barter phenomenon that took off a couple decades ago with the paper clip to a house story. What he is trying to do is turn 1 mojo into 1 Million USDS (1 million dollars). This is a significant amount of USDS out there.
I am glued to this journey, and so far while I have been working on this article he has increased his supply of coins dramatically from a single mojo. I am keeping a close eye on this site, and any offers I can fill but so far I have either been too slow or without the right kind of coins.
1mojo has turned into many cats

Freddie launched this today, January 13th 2022 and I am confident that he is going to end up with a sizeable bag in a very short amount of time. The original paperclip guy got a house in 14 steps. As a community I think it would be pretty cool to get Freddie some big numbers here. So check out his blog, check out his offers (he posts them to keybase as well) and make sure you keep an eye out for any deals he puts out there.

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