Blockchain files of all forks chia in real-time!
Developed and sponsored by Maize fork!
Tired of waiting for forks to sync?
Computer freezes when synchronizing multiple forks at once?
Download the official blockchain file of any fork instantly and start farming right away!
Our databases are updated every 4 hours !
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Blockchain files of all working forks!
Developed and sponsored by Maize fork!
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We've fixed the problem with corrupted files!
Please try do not download blockchain files in the zip archive generated by MEGA.NZ file hosting. These files are too big to be archived and may cause problems when unzipping these files. Download files directly without archiving.

1.Download the blockchain file of the fork you need. 2.Close the fork program. 3.Copy this file to the following folder: C:\Users\YourUserName\.YourFork\mainnet\db. 4.Run your fork program 5.Enjoy! 6.If wallet not connected, delete db of wallet in

C:\Users\YourUserName\.YourFork\mainnet\wallet\db 7.If needed,add peers of full nodes.

Attention! Your fork's wallet blockchain needs individual

synchronization in the fork program.

Please write to telegram or discord:
1.If you want to buy banner in the fork carousel or place an advertisement.
2.If you are owner or dev of fork and want to add new banner of your fork
3.If you are owner or dev of fork and want to add link of your fork in banner of your fork.

And also, simply, welcome to our discord!
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